17-20 Kasım 1. Modül, Lotus Anneliğe Yolculuk Okulu, İzmir

Erken ödeme tarihi: 12 Ekim

Son kayıt tarihi: 2 Kasım


6-9 Ekim 8. Sınıf 3. Modül, İnanna Kadın Farkındalık Merkezi, İstanbul

Elif massage and candles cropped

29 Eylül-2 Ekim 9. Sınıf 1. Modül, İnanna Kadın Farkındalık Merkezi, İstanbul

Erken ödeme tarihi: 24 Ağustos

Son kayıt tarihi: 12 Eylül


2 Ekim Julia Steils Paçacıoğlu ile İndirimli Ebeveyn Atölyesi
Doğuma Hazırlık Atölyesi cropped copy


Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy Touch is one of the most sacred and healing gifts one human being can give to another. Touch has been renowned for its healing power for thousands of years, and ancient methods of… Read More

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with woman


Being With Woman: That Magic Doulas Do The idea of doulas is at once very old and very new. The word “doula” comes from the Greek, meaning “female servant or slave”. It’s modern usage conveys the idea of… Read More

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The Realities of Motherhood: What is Normal Postpartum Adjstment?   If I can’t manage the grocery store, how will I manage you? Claw-bound lobster, endless cereal boxes, a mile of cheeses. All I wanted was a loaf of… Read More

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