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Preparing for the New Year, From Within

The beautiful thing about the lessons I’ve learned in my 14 years as a Birthing From Within mentor is that they are equally applicable to life as to birth or parenting preparation.  When parents come to my workshops,… Read More

Important Tips for Choosing Your Birth Doula

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child! As expectant parents, you are likely overwhelmed with the many thoughts, feelings and choices that come with preparing for a new child. Besides the obvious hospital and careprovider selection, there… Read More

November Theme: Gratitude

I mentioned last month that we, as İçsel Doğum, have decided to assign monthly themes to focus the content of what we share with you all.  This month, the focus is gratitude.  Gratitude seemed like a wonderful topic when I… Read More

October Monthly Introduction

We are very excited about a new “school” year starting here at İçsel Doğum.  We have new trainings starting up, and some exciting new developments waiting in the wings.  This past year has been one of a lot… Read More


Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy Touch is one of the most sacred and healing gifts one human being can give to another. Touch has been renowned for its healing power for thousands of years, and ancient methods of… Read More


Being With Woman: That Magic Doulas Do The idea of doulas is at once very old and very new. The word “doula” comes from the Greek, meaning “female servant or slave”. It’s modern usage conveys the idea of… Read More