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Şaylan was born in Bandırma in 1981. She studied communications at Marmara Univeristy and psychology at Bogazici and Bilgi Universities. After working in the advertising industry for some time, she decided to become a yoga instructor, through which she believes she can be helpful to herself and others. She teaches Pregnancy Yoga in addition to group and private Yoga classes.

After completing the İçsel Doğum Doula Training with Julia Steils, she began assisting pregnant women during their labors as a doula, utilizing her experience gained through Pregnancy Yoga as well as knowledge gained through her psychology education.
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Hi this is Doula Sima. In 2004 when I was pregnant, I was sitting under the stars on a mountain, I saw a falling star. It was the first time in my life that I witnessed this from the beginning till the end. At that moment I wished for a “girl” baby. At the end of same year I was holding my fist baby girl, Peri, in my arms. We loved her so much and we decided to have one more.

In april 2010 my second baby girl Şirin was born in her own time, normally, like her sister. From my first pregnancy on, my life perspective started changing. With my babies, I started to search, learn and discover life again, from the beginning.

I had worked in the private sector for many years before changing my path to where I am right now. I feel I am where I belong. The place where I work, “DOUM”, is my second home. I adore being surrounded by babies and pregnant ladies. I think that birth is the center of life. I feel very, very happy to witness this intimate and amazing miracle. I can’t stop myself from reading the book “Birth Without Violence” by Frederick Leboyer. I can’t stand unfairness to babies and mothers. If we are talking about birth, everyone must be gentle, slow and patient.

I believe in nature and in miracles. I know one day things will change.

By the way,I was born in Istanbul in 1975. I graduated from I.U. Italian Language & Literature. I am a Birthlight UK certified Mother & Baby Yoga and Pregnancy yoga instructor. I completed my doula training through İçsel Doğum Doula Eğitimi with Julia Steils in 2011-2012. Now I have to leave for a birth. Bye!
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I was born in Virginia, USA in 1974. I was graduated from Japanese Language and Literature Department of Ankara University in 1997. Same year I started working in the Embassy of Japan in Ankara and worked there for almost 17 years. I gave birth to my son when I was 29 years old, and to my daughter when I was 35. When I heard the word “doula” for the first time in 2012 from a friend, I got so excited and I imagined that I became a doula. In 2014, I moved to Istanbul and following some coincidences, in 2016 my dream came true and I found myself in Doula Training of İçsel Doğum. Now I am a doula and I am ready to support pregnant women in Istanbul’s European side.


My journey as a doula started when I attended two of my friends’ births in 2011. Later in September 2011, I started taking the first doula training in Turkey, given by Julia Steils Pacacioglu. The nine-month training gave me the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how to empower parents by doing a lot of inner work about my own personal process, in addition to the hands on practice opportunities. During the training, I attended births as an intern-doula and supported the heroes of many birth stories both physically and mentally. In September 2012 and December 2013, I completed two modules of Active Birth Training given by the founder of the Active Birth Movement, Janet Balaskas in cooperation with İstanbul Doğum Akademisi. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, and a master’s degree in English Language Teaching. I worked as an English instructor at private universities between 1998 and 2015. I am also one of the translators of the renowned book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, published in Turkish by Sinek Sekiz Yayınevi in January 2015. Recently, I have been working on the Turkish translation of Birth Matters- A Midwife’s Manifesto by the same author and carrying on attending births as a doula, supporting families.